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Scrap Yards in Maryland

Scrap Yards in Maryland - Anne Arundel CountyScrap yards in Maryland enjoy the recycling attention that Earth Day brings every year to the public. It reminds us all that recycling, reusing and responsible environmental ideas can change things for the better. Recycling increases every year and as a scrap yard in Maryland we see the impacts in the view and actions of the public and local Maryland businesses. Schools and local groups have events helping us to see how the public and private business can recycle and use our natural resources more efficiently. From companies in the construction business to manufacturing centers we all have room to increase our efforts to be more responsible in our use of precious metals and the energy it takes to utilize them.

Scrap Yards in Maryland - Effects

Scrap yards have been pleasantly encouraged by the Effects of earth day. Both businesses and residents of Maryland have become more educated and the attitude towards recycling in Maryland has increased. Responsible actions have followed in business and in homes. This causes increase in more efficient processes in how we do business and the partnerships that are cultivated. As more industries and local businesses see the need to use a Maryland scrap yards for saving money and helping the environment the larger the impact on the entire state. If we can be helpful in you recycling efforts give our recycling center a call for pricing, scheduling a pickup or creating a long lasting relationship with your business and our Maryland scrap yard. Phone: (410) 761-6595

Recycling Centers in Maryland

Are you, your business and your industry doing its part to help Maryland's environment by recycling at scrap yards in MD? It may seem like a small act, but it can help make a big impact later down the road.
Methane is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gases, and the third largest producer of methane in the US is landfills. So when you’re not recycling, that’s where your waste ends up. On a related note, in Maryland it is predicted that if citizens keep disposing at the same rate landfills will be filled to their limit in 36 years. All these issues arising from landfills has called for the attention of the government, which is why Maryland is making motions to help reduce landfills and increase recycling in Anne Arundel County through recycling centers and scrap yards.

Recycling Centers in Maryland - Anne Arundel County

Recycling Centers in Maryland - Goals

In Maryland many goals have been created to help the environment, among them increasing recycling and decreasing the expansion of landfills, with the biggest goal being that by 2040 the state will recycling 80% of material. An executive order has been established outlining some guidelines for citizens. Increased efforts will be pooled towards figuring out how to deal with the reuse of trash in the most environmentally and economically friendly way. Local governments will be supplied with the knowledge they need and will help bring recognition to the fact that landfills are not the only option for waste. One of these non-landfill options being explored is composting. By putting the appropriate waste into compost material can be reused to help prevent erosion and improve the quality of the soil. Recycling Centers in Maryland are a large part of scrap yard metal recycling in Maryland.
Besides being able to help the environment by curbing waste disposal, these movements toward composting and recycling open up more job opportunities. In 2030 the US hopes to be at a 75% recycling rate, if this were achieved more than 1 million jobs would be opened up. With a new governor in Maryland it will be interesting to see what changes, if any come to recycling centers in Maryland.

Arundel Recycling Center in Maryland is working to help the people of tomorrow by encouraging the people of today through our scrap yard.

Recycling Centers in Maryland - President's Day

President's Day, Feb 16th 2015 is here and our recycling center in Maryland is improving with new processes and higher efficiency. Not only does recycling mean turning your scrap into cash at our scrap yard but also shows the responsibility that community leadership demands. Many of our country's great leaders, including presidents share the qualities of responsibility to the public, balancing financial needs and effective use of natural resources.
Recycling centers in Maryland Presidents Day

Recycling in Maryland - Business

When recycling in Maryland, businesses get ahead with showing their responsibility to their community. Working with their community members shows that they care about the long term welfare of public and grows the relationship that businesses need with the local government, other businesses and the greater community goals through scrap yards in MD. Saving natural resources and raising the quality of life through a cleaner environment builds trust and can help when bidding on local and federal contracts. As business and communities grow we all show our ability to work together responsibly. To grow a greater, healthier community and increase the local economy, as well as a cleaner environment is the aspiration of Arundel Recycling centers in Maryland.

Maryland Recycling "Pay As You Throw"

When you take your trash out to the curb every week do you remember to bring out your recyclables too? As taking care of the environment becomes more of a recognized cause there is an increase in people’s attention to recycling. As a state, Maryland generates around 12 million tons of trash yearly, so it’s no surprise steps are being taken to inspire residents to recycle in Maryland, more and waste less. To do this Maryland is working to integrate a “pay-as-you-throw” system.
Maryland Recycling Pay as you throw
This “zero waste” idea involves citizens paying for the amount of trash they throw away. This payment can be determined in a few ways, with residents paying per can or bag, or by weighing the amount of trash being collected. Paying for your trash has obvious incentives to decrease your waste output and to persuade people to make more efforts to recycle. The instated system will mirror other bills that citizens are already used to paying, like their electricity bill, in the sense that you pay for that amount of service used. This method not only motivates people to make a point to recycle, but it also creates an overall feeling of fairness. Each person pays for the trash they produce, so if they have less trash they pay less. With the older system each resident has a fixed price they pay, not taking into account the amount of trash produced. The new way rewards people for recycling more and punishes those who don’t.

Will Throw, Grow?

While the pay as you throw system sounds new to most, it is established in northern areas, like New England, and even closer in Aberdeen, Maryland. In Aberdeen specifically, the system has overall been a success. The amount of trash being set out by citizens has decreased 25% and even more positively, there has been an increase in recyclables by 66%
Besides the obvious positive aspects of this system (an increase in recycling in Maryland), there are some other benefits as well. By recycling and reusing things that have already been made the need to go out and obtain new natural resources lessens. There is also a decrease in greenhouse gases that would have been produced from having to dispose of waste. An outcome easier to see the immediate benefit from is that people are able to decide their fate, if they want to lower their trash bill they just recycle more.

Recycling in Maryland

As a whole, there are many positives that can come from this new system through its establishment of recycling in Maryland and it will hopefully lead to an overall decrease in waste.
If you would like to read even more on "pay as you throw" check these articles / links:
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Veterans Day at our Scrap Yard in Maryland

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve in Maryland Happy Veterans Day 2014. Thank You to all the veterans, their families and friends. Arundel Recycling in Maryland is a proud Employer of the guard and reserve. We have found that the hard work and dedication that comes from serving one's country in the military service makes for a good employee over the past decades.
Being in Anne Arundel County Maryland means that many of our neighboring businesses and industry partners are connected to veterans, military, national guard and reserves. Working with them has been a good relationship and goes to show the quality of service men and women everywhere.

We have complied a few of the veterans activities for Maryland:

Veterans Day March & Ceremony
Nov. 11, 2014, 9a.m. - March
10a.m. - Ceremony
101 N. Gay Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, 410-545-3355
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Nov, 11, 2014, -- 11a.m.
2825 South Hanover Street, Baltimore, MD 21225, -- 410-354-3550
Eastern Shore Veterans Cemetery
Nov. 11, 2014 -- 1:30p.m.
6827 East New Market Ellwood Road, Hurlock, MD 21643, -- 410-943-3420
Maryland Women in Military Service Monument Dedication Ceremony
Nov. 11, 2014, -- 1p.m. Chesapeake House Travel Plaza -- Interstate 95. -- North East, MD

Daylight Savings Time in Maryland

This first weekend in October 2014 - daylight savings time means that we turn our clocks back Sat night. With technical advances many of our "timed" devices update themselves, like our computers, phones, cars, TVs, cable, radio and even our thermostats. However some of our devices need set manually and this is a great reminder to check other things:

1)Check, test, replace batteries and Smoke detectors
2)Check, test, replace batteries and Carbon Monoxide detectors
3)Furnace Air Filters
Daylight Savings Time in Maryland

Tips for Time Change in Maryland

While experts argue about the time change in Maryland and the effects of changing sleep habits, exposure to sunlight and Melatonin levels there are a few tips that seem to help in adjusting to the change. Sleeping in Sunday morning will throw off your natural body pattern, including your eating habits. This makes Monday even harder to adjust to the new schedule and work week.

Whatever your plans for the time change in Maryland remember to set your clocks and other devices so that you have a good week. Recycling our natural resources in Maryland is a good thing but none of us can recycle our time. Hoping we all, use our time wisely.

Glass Recycling in Maryland

At Arundel recycling center do not accept glass at our Hanover scrap yard location however recycling glass in Maryland can be done through the curbside pickup where available. Recycling your glass in Maryland
Recycling your glass is a great way to keep material out of the landfill. Most all glass containers are accepted and easily fit into the various types of county provided containers. Anne Arundel County also accepts glass at the Northern location directions, hours and info AA county, MD Howard County also allows glass containers at the curbside containers as well as a contact number for more questions : 410-313-6444. Prince Georges County also offers a service for glass food and beverage containers. An additional contact for PG county services : 301-883-4748 Montgomery County allows curbside pick-up to contain glass materials from their residents. 240.777.0311
The process for glass is an interesting one as the collection occurs and then because of chemical composition the containers are sorted by color. Cleaning is an important part of the process as it removes many of the impurities which would cause an inferior end product. Often it is at this point that the crushing occurs and preparation for extreme heat to melt the glass so that it can be reshaped. Glass has the property of being 100% recyclable which means that it has no loss in purity nor quality. Our natural resources are conserved when glass is involved. The term "cullet" is used for "domestic glass waste" when used in the process of glass making.

Maryland Recycling - Fall

Recycling in Maryland Fall
Tips for recycling in Maryland this Fall. With Fall temperatures and colors coming on strong we have compiled a few tips for recycling in Maryland. Kids are off to school and leaves are falling. While you should not recycle kids the leaves are recyclable ;)
When upgrading computers for your business or home consider recycling the computer CPUs and cables. If you are having your car serviced remember to ask your auto repair shop if they recycle the old auto parts. If they do not consider bringing them in as well. We gladly accept most auto parts, including recycling your auto batteries in Maryland
Recycling your leaves and yard waste in Maryland is something we do not offer at Arundel Recycling but there are a lot of options in Maryland Counties. Perhaps the best solution is to compost, mulch or till on your own property or community as this uses the least transportation. However, this does require your time, effort and space. If you choose to recycle through your county leaf collection here are a few Maryland county, city and local links : Anne Arundel County Maryland - AA County curbside collection, guidelines, facilities - Howard County Yard Recycling - Prince Georges County - Baltimore County - Frederick City - Frederick County - City of Rockville - Montgomery Co. MD - City of Bowie
Recycling in the Fall of 2014 is a good opportunity to get your home or business involved in Maryland recycling. We offer a variety of containers, processes and services for large quantities for your business. Please let us know if we can be of service. Since 1975 we have been innovating and working with homeowners, local and state governments, businesses and industry to provide a greener and cleaner choice for Maryland recycling.

Anne Arundel County Maryland Recycling Containers

Recycling Containers in Anne Arundel County Maryland
Recycling in Anne Arundel County Maryland has many options when it comes to containers. The smaller 18 gallon "bins" are still used in many places however the amount of material recycled quickly overflowed those bins and moved us onto larger 32 gallon "reclaimed" container. These are about the size of an average residential trash can. To be honest a lot of these were being used for other purposes and now (as of Nov 1, 2011) the county has put some restrictions who can have them and how to get them. For more information on these two bins check out the Anne Arundel county website
The latest and greatest - Heavy Duty - 65 Gallon recycling container with wheels, permanently attached cover and a handle are sweeping the county. There are plans for every residence to get one however they are limited by budget but are progressing nicely throughout Anne Arundel County. In short you will know when your community is going to get one when you get a letter a few weeks before the bins are delivered and you will have the option to accept or decline the new "cart." If you would like more info check here on the FAQ of AA county website.
Finally you do NOT have to have any of these containers to recycle in Anne Arundel County Maryland. You can use most containers however you must mark it with an "X" and they request that the container does not weigh more than 40 pounds.

Single Stream Recycling in Maryland

Single stream recycling in Maryland is a process which is being implemented by most if not all counties. The process is as the name suggests a "single" streamlined collection system which allows residents to put many different types of recyclable materials into one container for pickup on the same day. This simplifies the process for participating counties of Maryland residents and is a probable cause for increase in percentage of participants and the increase in percentage of materials being recycled in the various county programs.
Our home county of Anne Arundel, Maryland also participates in this single stream recycling program. From the shore to Baltimore Co. to the mountainous Frederick county single stream recycling is in place and increasing percentages of materials.

Many counties chose this option after the State's Recycling Act was put into place in the early 1990's and percentages are increasing on the State's schedule, including a plan to reach 30% by July 2014. To learn more about the State's plans

Pesticide Container Recycling 2014 - State of MD

The State of Maryland is continuing it's Pesticide Container Recycling Program in 2014. There are 6 locations and 24 days for the program. Direct contact for the Pesticide Regulation Section 410-841-5710 or visit their website at More detailed information can be found in this Pesticide Recycling PDA

A productive program as keeping pesticides and plastics from entering the Maryland water tables, bay and general possible contamination. There is no cost to participate. A quick list of Do's and Don'ts are summarized here: Please see the Offical MD PDF for the latest info
1) All containers must be made from high density polyethylene (HDPE).
2) The container must have held an EPA-registered pesticide or adjuvant, crop oil, etc.
3) Any size container will be accepted. All containers over 30 gallons must be cut prior to recycling (contact MDA for instructions).
4) Pesticide containers must be prop-erly rinsed (pressure-rinsed or triple-rinsed).
5) Caps and other non-HDPE parts, such as metal handles and rubber linings, cannot be recycled.
6) Stained containers are acceptable provided no material can be smeared or removed when touched by a rubber glove.
7) Please remove lids and label book-lets prior to recycling

There are 3 divisions in Maryland.

The Eastern Shore has 3 locations:
Nicholson Transfer Facility on Earl Nicholson Road,
Midshore Regional Solid Waste Facility on Barker's Landing Road,
Newland Park Landfill on Brick Kiln Road.

Central Maryland Locations:
Scarboro Landfill, Scarboro Road
The Mill of Black Horse, Norrisville Road

Western Maryland Locations:
Frederick County Landfill, Reich's Ford Road
Martin's Elevator, Maugansville Road

For more info on MD agriculture news

Walmart Announces Recycling

Walmart Announces - Closed Loop Fund Additionally, companies joined with Walmart and the Walmart Foundation in announcing plans to launch a groundbreaking recycling initiative called the Closed Loop Fund, with the goal of making recycling available to all Americans. The Fund aims to invest $100 million in recycling infrastructure projects and spur private and public funding for transforming the recycling system in the United States. "Walmart and our suppliers recognize that collaboration is the key to bringing sustainable solutions to all of our customers," said Doug McMillon, president and chief executive officer of Walmart Stores, Inc. "A great deal of innovative work is happening every day, but there are still too many gaps and missed opportunities. Today's commitments are about creating real systems change from one end of the supply chain to the other - meaning how products are grown and made, how they're transported and sold, and how we touch the lives of people along the way."

Vinyl Materials Accepted

vinyl recycling material We have extended out recycling center efforts to vinyl materials like siding, soffit, J channel, caps and more. People are getting the word and bringing in their vinyl materials from their home renovations. Siding contractors are recycling their new construction "cut offs" and the reconstruction "tear offs" when installing new siding, soffit vents and materials at our scrap yard in Maryland.

Our History

Street view of Arundel Recycling Center Our scrap yard efforts in Maryland has come with great success and changes since its beginning in 1975. We started with accepting non-ferrous metals and hand tools to process materials. Since it has grown in every facet however the underlying purpose to create a greater community, economy and environment has stayed the course of time. We are glad to be of service; to the public, private and public companies, government entities and industry as a worldwide member and as a local member of the community. If we may be of service as a partner in your recycling in Maryland and the entire Northeast do not hesitate to call and introduce yourself, your company and any needs or questions you may have for our scrap yard. Arundel (410) 761-6595

Celebrate Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014 Earth Day has roots back to 1970 when a small group got organized and promoted the logical conclusion that we needed to be more in tune with the earth and how we were stewards of the natural resources and the pollution we were creating. Since then recycling has caught fire and great strides have been made to increase recycling and reuse right here in Maryland, in the United States and around the globe. We take this time, Tuesday April 22nd 2014 to say thank you to all who have made conservation and being environmentally forward thinking a more common idea. We are proud to have done our small part in the conservation of raw materials and natural resources locally and globally.

Optimizing the Latest Recycling Center and Scrap Yard Technology to Save

Part of being a good responsible company in Maryland and across the globe is being more efficient so that less energy is used from the start, thus needing less draw from the electrical grid. We adhere to this same principle here at Arundel Center. We have updated our own electrical system to be more efficient, reduce our running usage of the electrical utilities and therefore less carbon foot print and overall emissions.
We have increased our service upgrading our electrical panels, voltage loading to a more optimal level. We have estimated a higher production and output, especially in our vinyl recycling processes and a lower overall per hour percentage of waste.