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Aluminum Recycling Center & Scrap Yard

Aluminum Scrap Yard Recycling in Maryland
Since 1975 we have been providing Aluminum Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland (410) 761-6595

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Aluminum Extrusion Scrap

Aluminum Extrusion in Maryland

Extruded Aluminum is a common type that we often see here in our Maryland recycling center. So long as there are no contaminates on the material this is a good grade. Structurally strong and using in new construction and production extrusion weathers well and is "basically" corrosion resistant and therefore used in several applications such as commercial windows and storefronts. Often a finish is applied to the surface to color the material and aid in its corrosion resistance to normal weather conditions.

Windows and doors which are often built from extruded material commonly contain contaminates such as steel and die cast material used in as connectors in the corners, hinges and handles. Windows commonly contain felt and or rubber pieces of insulation. All of these will affect the price of the material. We gladly accept extruded Aluminum here in our scrap yard in Maryland.

Aluminum Wheels & Rims - Scrap Yard

Aluminum Wheels and Rims recycling in Maryland

Aluminum Wheels and Rims are another common form that we see in our Maryland scrap yard location. Common contaminants are the lead/steel wheel weights and the rubber and brass valves. These contaminants should be removed as they will cause a reduction in scrap prices. Wheels and rims are most often recycled when they have been damaged beyond repair either due to a wreck or crack from impact.

We have been accepting rims and wheels since our opening and can make accommodations for large loads including pickup for commercial accounts. Our scrap yard also provides unique containers with covered and more secure options in many cases.

Aluminum Siding Scrap Yard

Aluminum Siding Scrap Yard

Aluminum Siding recycling scrap has been at the core of our scrap yard business since 1975. Siding contractors find it fast and accurate to recycle with us due to our numerous wide open bays for easy unloading and customer service. Siding manufacturers and distributors have been working with us for decades as well and enjoy our courteous and timely pickup services with enclosed roll-off services for a more secure solution. Our MD scrap yard scheduling and truck routing system allows for maximum time and money savings for large capacity services.

Aluminum Turnings - Scrap Yard

Aluminum Recycling Turnings at our scrap yard

Our scrap yard has been recycling aluminum turnings scrap since 1975. It has been at the core of our business since opening. Machine shops, manufacturers and contractors find it fast and accurate to recycle with us due to our numerous wide loading docks for easy unloading and customer service at our scrap yard. Manufacturers and distributors have been working with us for decades as well and enjoy our courteous and timely trucking services with enclosed roll-off services and gaylord boxes for a more secure solution. Timely scheduling and box truck routing system allows for maximum time and money savings for large capacity services in the Maryland and surrounding areas at our scarp yard.

Processing Aluminum Siding Scrap Yard in Maryland

Processing Aluminum Siding

At our scrap yard Processing Aluminum Siding for recycling is a unique process as the siding itself is malleable and therefore bails well. This allows for maximum efficiency and one of the reasons we have good prices and convenient services. We provide several bays and containers for ease of processing and unloading here at the Maryland recycling location.

For larger commercial accounts or simply a large quantity we offer pickup to a large variety of options. The Containers which we can provide for your on-site location are convenient and more secure than the average container due to the enclosed top and heavy gauge steel. Our scrap yard also offer smaller open top containers when a less secure and more accessible option is needed.

Scrap Yard Processing Bulk Aluminum in Maryland

Aluminum Processing in Maryland

Bulk scrap Aluminum comes in many forms and processing this is a process that we have been refining here at our scrap yard in Maryland since 1975. From the simple soda can all the way up to Semi Trailers we have seen and handled it all. We have the transportation options and containers needed for making your experience profitable and simple. From a simple hand trucks to heavy duty forklifts and semis / tractor trailers we can handle just about any situation. Factory sized vats and mixers are not a problem but do need a little extra planning so give our scrap yard a call and we will be glad to work through any special conditions that come along. Our scrap yard staff is knowledgeable and experienced with the simple and small loads as well as the HUGE industrial needs.

Advantages - Aluminum Scrap Yard in Maryland

At our Maryland scrap yard the price paid for Aluminum has always been a good one and as our customers have enjoyed the cash and savings they also enjoy the benefit of keeping metals out of the landfill. It is also a great savings for the environment as it only takes 5% of the energy needed to recycle rather than gather out of the earth from natural resources and then separate and refine to an acceptable purity level. This is probably the reason that reportedly 31% of the product in the United States comes from recycled scrap.
At our Arundel scrap yard we do like to pride ourselves on excellent service and exceptional processes to make your part of the process minimal and painless. Experience since 1975 means that we can handle the large and strange pieces as well as the typical size and shapes of your material. Our specialized scrap yard containers often more secure than any other are available to make the process easy for you and your company. Our unique scheduling, pick-up services and specialized equipment means higher prices for you and a trustworthy partner in scrap yard recycling your Aluminum in Maryland.

Aluminum Scrap Recycling in Maryland