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Battery Recycling in Maryland
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Car Battery Scrap Yard Recycling


Perhaps the most numerous type of battery recycled is the automotive in our scrap yard. Recycling these are an excellent way to preserve natural resources while acting responsibly to your neighbors and community. The lead that is contained within is easily recovered and safely reused for various applications. Even the plastic can be granulated and not put to waste with our Maryland scrap yard.

Steel Case Battery Recycling Center

Steel Case Industrial

Large industrial steel case style are not a problem for us to accept and recycle at our scrap yard. We have the equipment needed to safely handle these. If needed and the quantity is economical we can schedule a pick up right to your door and make the process seamless and simple for you, your company or your area of the government.

Scrap Yard - Closed Cell Battery Recycling

small sealed

These smaller types are still recyclable and our scrap yard does accept them. They are a great way to save your business or government entity from sending things to the landfill and instead doing the right thing for your community while also being cost effective with our scrap yard services.

Scrap Yard Battery Recycling Center in Maryland

Not matter the type, size or age of battery contact our scrap yard and we will be glad to help you through the recycling process and meet or exceed your needs. Arundel recycling center has been recycling for since 1975 and have found original ways to solve all types of complex issues with our original and inventive processes, scheduling and truck routing systems. Whether you need to drop off a single or you need a tractor trailer sent out Arundel scrap yard is the one to call. Professional and courteous drivers, buyers, scheduling processes with honesty and integrity every step of the way. Don't waste another minute worrying about how to dispose of those batteries, simply call us at Arundel Recycling for Peace of Mind and Turn Your Scrap into CASH$$ with our scrap yard services (410) 761-6595.