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Brass Recycling Center - Scrap Yard

Since 1975 we have been providing Brass Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland (410) 761-6595

Brass recycling is a good portion of materials in Maryland. Found in home building construction materials, especially plumbing. Our scrap yard specializes in dealing with individual plumbers and in large corporate plumbing groups. We have the Recycling Services for Construction Contractors that span from easy hours and large numerous bays for easy unloading of materials TO full service storage bins and roll-off services and complete pickup with our unique routing services for large quantities at our scrap yard in AA county MD.

Arundel scrap yard handles brass recycling in MD comes in many types; Yellow, Red, Rifle and/or shell cases dirty brass, Slag, ingot, turnings and even mixed materials like condensers and radiators from cars and trucks. The HVAC, Utility and Plumbing industries do a great job with their materials and we have several great processes to partner with and work together to keep their efforts at a minimum and their profits at a maximum. Our scrap yards have certified scales which are tested and verified regularly as well as a long standing with honesty and integrity in all we do. Working with local businesses is just one of the ways we help to be Good to the community, Good to the economy and Good to YOU!

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Yellow Brass - Scrap Yard

brass scrap yard

Yellow is actually an alloy of metals consisting of Copper and Zinc. Yellow is called that for its color of course and has a lower percentage of copper than in red. This color which is close to gold has been used for both finish and qualities of consistent sound in instruments, cymbals, horns... It is also used when "no spark" is required as in values and equipment where explosive gases are used.

Red Brass - Scrap Yard

Red Scrap Material

Our scrap yard accepts Red brass in Anne Arundel County MD. It's an alloy of Copper and Zinc where the amount of Copper is higher than typical yellow or dirty brass. This is often found in heavy duty meters and gauges. Actually reddish in color when the material is cut or broken open showing the higher copper content.

Scrap Yard - Dirty Brass

Brass Recycling

Arundel scrap yard and recycling center handles and processes Brass for recycling in Maryland. The term "Dirty" is used to describe that there is a contaminate metal or sometimes glass which has been mixed in with the material and therefore a lower value as purity is reduced. This often happens in valves and meters when handles and or stems are made from another material such as steel or "die cast." Dirty can also refer to a finish that is applied to create another "color" and is often found in the handles and pipe of the plumbing industry.

Rifle or Shell Casings Brass Scrap Yard

Rifle or Case Brass Scrap Yard

Rifle or Case type material is used in the manufacture of shells and needs to be separate from Aluminum and steel casings. Casings with a finish are accepted at our scrap yard in central MD. All ammunition must be empty.

Slag Brass - Scrap Yard

Slag Brass Scrap Yard

Slag material is created in the casting process and will be valued on a single case basis as the contaminants are unique to each situation in our scrap yard, recycling center in AA county MD.

Brass Turnings - Scrap Yard

Brass Turnings Scrap Yard

Arundel scrap yard has been processing brass turning for decades. Our recycling center in Maryland is experienced in working with local businesses in bringing you the best service in brass recycling. Turnings are created in the machining process and will be valued on a single case basis since the turnings could be from any percentage of alloy. During the milling, drilling and lathe processes turnings are produced by machine shops in the creation of valves, gauges, pipe and other items

Scrap Yard Prices on Brass - Recycling Centers

We buy brass of all types and most all contamination. The value will be determined on the percentages of contamination. Brass that is included often in the automotive industry such as radiators, condensers and heater cores fall into their own special category and will also be valued at their own specific price rate depending on percentages of mixed metals. Give us a call for brass scrap yard prices(410) 761-6595.