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Copper Recycling Center - Scrap Yard

Since 1975 we have been providing Copper Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland at our scrap yard (410) 761-6595

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Copper recycling is a large percentage of materials in Maryland. Found in home building construction materials, like Plumbing and electrical Fields. Our scrap yard specializes in dealing with individual plumbers and in large corporate plumbing groups. We have the Recycling Services for Construction Contractors that span from easy hours and large numerous bays for easy unloading of materials to full service storage bins and roll-off services and complete pickup with our unique routing services at our scrap yard in AA county Maryland.

Copper Scrap Yard Recycling Center in Maryland

Our scrap yard sees copper recycling in MD comes in many types; piping, sheets, bar, rod, ingot, wire and even mixed materials like condensers and radiators from cars and trucks. The HVAC industry does a great job with their materials and we have several great processes to partner with and work together to keep their efforts at a minimum and their profits at a maximum. Our scrap yard has certified scales which are tested and verified regularly as well as a long standing with honesty and integrity in all we do. Working with local businesses is just one of the ways we help to be Good to the community, Good to the economy and Good to YOU!

Wire - Copper Scrap Yard (Shiny Bright, Bare Bright)

Copper Wire / Shiny Bare Bright

Copper wire commonly known as Shiny Bright or Bare Bright which is clean of any insulation paint or soot is a high grade recycled material. This is often brought in by contractors who work in the electrical fields as well as HVAC and utility subcontractors This high grade material is also clean of any insulating glue or gel leaving only the clean pure copper.

Bar - Copper Scrap Yard

Copper Bar material

Copper Bar material is often found in Electrical applications and electricians often bring material in to Arundel scrap yard in this form. We have a long standing with Numerous electricians from the single owner operators to the large corporate entities. The scrap yard is happy to work with both offering solutions for each. A good tip for checking bar material is to check the bar for steel reinforcements with a magnet. Rarely but often enough bar material contains a core of steel and is merely plated. This mixed material is worth less than the pure CU material

Pipe - Copper Scrap Yard

Scrap Pipe Recycling

Copper pipe material is usually brought in by the Plumbing and HVAC contractors as well as homeowners who care about the environment and turning their scrap into cash at our scrap yard. We are proud to work with all people trying to make a cleaner environment and planet. Pipe often has fittings and these are often made of the same material but sometime brass fittings are used. When brass fitting and/or valves are attached to the piping that is considered a mixed metal. Solder is also common on pipe and is also a way that material can be "downgraded" in purity and every effort should be made to "cleanup" the piping for maximum return.

Insulated Wire - Copper Scrap

Insulated Wire

Copper Insulated Wire material is brought in by a mix of contractors but mostly electricians and utility, power company contractors. HVAC contractors and home owners also constitute a percentage of recyclers of insulated wire. While our scrap yards accept most insulated wire it is not priced the same as clean copper wire due to the weight and work that is required.