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Insulated Wire Recycling - Scrap Yards

Our scrap yard in AA county since 1975, has been providing Insulated Wire Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland (410) 761-6595

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Insulated Copper Wire - Scrap Yard

scrap yard for insulated wire

Insulated Wire is a material that we accept and pay great prices for. Our Maryland scrap yard location has numerous bays which makes for easy unloading. We offer pick-up services for large amounts. Businesses, manufacturers and industrial groups please contact our scrap yard for information on containers, dumpsters and including your materials into our unique routing system to make your recycling easy and economical.

Heavy Gauge Insulated Wire Scrap Yard

industrial copper wire scrap yard

Our scrap yard receives insulated wire which comes in many different sizes (gauges) and coatings. Some simple copper wire is covered with plastic, rubber or even silk. However more complex copper wire is covered with a heavy shielding to protect higher voltages. The shielding can consist of layers of insulation and gels as well as steel and fiber. The percentage of copper to insulation will be a large part in determining the value of the material at our scrap yard in AA county MD.

Scrap Yard - Insulated Wire recycling

If your wire has been stripped of all insulation please see our Copper recycling information. There are many sources of insulated wire as nearly every electronic device has some length and gauge. Utility companies, contractors and electricians have miles of cable and wire involved in their workplace. Our scrap yard specializes in dealing with every size company to be part of their ability to turn wire scrap into cash easily. We use a unique routing system to keep costs low and at the same time be able to accommodate the timeframe needed to keep your workplace moving smoothly. We have large and small containers, several of which can be secured on the job site when large quantities are required. Being a leading recycling center in Maryland and the Northeast we have the experience, facilities and equipment needed to make your experience economical, environmental and easy. Call us with any questions you may have at our scrap yard (410) 761-6595