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Electric Motor Recycling - Scrap Yard

Since 1975 we have been providing Electric Motor Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland at our Anne Arundel County Scrap Yard. (410) 761-6595

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Electric Motors at Scrap Yards

Scrap Yard Electric Motor

Electric Motors are an accepted material here at Arundel Recycling Center in Maryland. This example shows both steel case and mounting styles. Notice some of the plastic fans and large steel attachments. All of this can change the value of the material and therefore the price which can be paid at our scrap yard.

Plastic parts Scrap Yard

Plastic motor parts

Plastic parts which are connected can reduce the value of the material and thus effect price. The size of the motor can vary greatly and is not a major factor in the value. Most all are based off the principle of a copper wire winding core and magnets. Once a current is passed through the copper wire the magnetic field is created and the turning begins! They do NOT need to be in working order, however we do accept most all stages of broken to completely functional at our scrap yard in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Steel Attachments - Scrap Yard

Steel cases and mounts

Our scrap yard sees several electric motors which have large steel "fly wheels", fans, balances and the like. These can reduce the value of the item but nonetheless are still accepted in most cases. While most are average size and weight which can be handled by a single person and brought into the Maryland Recycling center here near BWI airport there are rather large cases as well which we will in most cases still accept and even in some cases come to you and schedule a pickup at your convenience as a service from our scrap yard.

Steel case Electric Motor - Scrap Yard

While many materials can be used as a case for electric motors the vast majority of cases are made of steel which come into our scrap yard. This is because of the strength and protection that steel provides. We accept these items "whole" and "as is" in most cases so no cleanup is needed at our scrap yard in AA county Maryland. However large cases or mounts can reduce the value and therefore the price to be paid. While you are welcome to remove the steel case and even strip down to the copper wire from the windings it is EXTREMELY laborious and not recommended as they are very well built and pressed into place with high pressure cylinders making dismantling near impossible and not worth the effort. Some cases, housing and mounts are made of aluminum or "Die Cast" when weight is of the most importance.

Scrap Yard Recycling Electric Motors

To learn more about Electric motors and what they are made of can vary however the basic principles and therefore the components are very much the same. They contain recyclable materials like copper, steel, magnets, aluminum, die cast and plastic. At our scrap yard we gladly accept them and pay you cash to keep them out of the landfill and make for a better community, stronger economy, more profitable for you and or your company.

Bringing in items during our open hours is easy with our multiple open bays and helpful scrap yard staff to lend a hand. Our forklifts, cart and containers are at the ready to help out if you come across an extra large item. Stop in today to our Hanover Maryland location or give us a call if you have any questions or need to schedule a pickup for large loads for delivery to our scrap yard. (410) 761-6595