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Lead Recycling in Maryland - Scrap Yards

Since 1975 our scrap yard has been providing Lead Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland (410) 761-6595

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Lead Batteries Scrap Yard recycling in Maryland

Scrap Yard lead battery recycling in Maryland

Lead batteries are common in most vehicles as well as marine batteries. Our scrap yard gladly accept them at our Hanover location in Anne Arundel county. This is an important part of being responsible to the environment and our communities due to the contamination that can occur when not reused or disposed of into a landfill. While taking up space and a waste of natural resources it also is a waste of money as our scrap yard pays for these.
Our scrap yard services includes the offer pick up services for large quantities. Our unique routing systems and containers allow for optimal time savings and ease of use. Since 1975 we have been working with local businesses and residents as well as companies hundreds of miles away in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey and several more. If our scrap yard can be of service in turning your scrap into cash and creating solutions and processes to better our economy, environment and community give us a call here at our Maryland Recycling Center.

Lead Wheel weights recycling in Maryland

Aluminum Wheels and Rims recycling in Maryland

Wheel Weights come in many types and our scrap yard recycles most of them. Most commonly Lead wheel weights come into our Anne Arundel county shop and kindly accept them. If you have an questions as to the type of weight and if we accept them please do not hesitate to call for more information or answers to any questions you may have

Our scrap yard services offer pick up solutions for larger quantities. Including regular service to make the process easier for you and more economical. We offer containers of many types, construction and materials to handle all your needs. We've been in the business since 1975 and that has built an experience which is second to none in solving unique issues and processes that work to help your business needs with our scrap yard in Anne Arundel county MD.