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Radiator Recycling - Scrap Yard

Since 1975 we have been providing Radiator Recycling services to Auto repair shops, Businesses and the Public at our scrap yard in Maryland (410) 761-6595

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Radiators and Condensers

Radiator Recycling scrap yard in Maryland

Radiators can be manufactured from many different materials and we accept all of them at our scrap yard in Maryland. They often consist of a thin material used for their namesake "radiating" heat away from one source. As many of the fluids used to transfer the heat are corrosive and often poisonous care should be taken to remove the fluids and dispose of them properly.
They can be made of materials like Brass or Aluminum fins as in most vehicles. Their frames are often made of steel to help with strength and attach to the frame. Lighter radiators are made of aluminum and plastic ends. We also accept these at our Anne Arundel County scrap yard.

At our scrap yard, radiators condensers and other car parts are a good thing to recycle in that recycling helps to keep car parts out of landfills and contaminate water sources as they often have a coolant in them which is poisonous. Radiators can bring a good price at the recycling center.
Being a leading recycling center in Maryland and the Northeast our scrap yard has the experience, facilities and equipment needed to make your experience economical, environmental and easy. Call us with any questions you may have (410) 761-6595