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Stainless Steel Recycling - Scrap Yard

Since 1975 our scrap yard has been providing Stainless Recycling services to Contractors, Businesses and the Public of Maryland (410) 761-6595

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Tube and Piping at our Scrap Yard

Stainless Pipe

Stainless steel piping is one of the many materials that we accept and recycle in our scrap yard. Different grades will each have its own value. One simple way that a grade can be shown is a simple test with a magnet. If the steel is ferrous enough to hold a magnet then the grade is significantly lower than non-magnetic.

Stainless Turnings Scrap

Steel Turnings in Scrap Yard

Arundel scrap yard has been recycling stainless steel turnings which usually comes from Machine shops and manufacturers. While the number of machine shops in Maryland have reduced we still have a significant number of in and out of state clients earning cash for their scrap. If the exact type and grade of turning is known it is best to keep the grades separated between high and low grade as high iron content resulting in magnetic and high ferrous will reduce the value of the material. Our scrap yard is proud to offer good prices and easy processes, containers, shipping and hauling for larger quantities. We are able to offer this through our unique routing system allowing for maximum efficiency and passing that onto you as we partner together in the process at our scrap yard in Maryland.

Stainless Wire and Cable - Scrap Yard

Steel Cable and Wire

Scrap yards in MD find wire and cable are excellent recyclable materials however are not as common as many types of wire which are usually copper for its good conductive properties. However the strength that steel provides is a main reason for its use in cable and wire. Able to withstand longer lengths without support. Another great property is the resistance to weather and wear due to its high density and structure. This makes it great for marine and general outdoor use where corrosion usually cause premature failure and wear. Again we will all types and grades a simple magnetic test will be used to sort most grades. The non-magnetic will be of higher grade and value

Stainless Kegs Sinks Pots Scrap

Sheet, Kegs, Pots and Sinks

This class of steel is very commonly recycled and we see it in our scrap yard often in demolition projects. The deconstruction leaves the material unfit for food grade use and recycling is a good alternative to the landfill creating a better answer for the community, economy and turns your scrap into Cash$$ at our scrap yard in Anne Arundel county MD

Scrap Yards and Stainless Steel Recycling Centers in MD

Stainless steel actually is an alloy created by a mixture of steel and Chromium. The Chromium provides a protective characteristic which means that it is an excellent use in areas which the elements are present which could cause corrosion rot and rust to most other elements. The metal's makeup and size means that chromium can create a very good bond. This allows for not only a good resistant layer for repelling the elements but also excellent strength. While being conductive it is rarely ever used to transmission of electronics as it is far inferior to copper, gold, silver and other excellent conductors.

Our scrap yard offers excellent rates, honest weights and excellent customer service in this field and have forged relationships with homeowners, businesses, companies, communities, industry and government when it comes to recycling this Chromium and Steel mix! We hope that you will partner with us for a better, cleaner and more economic answer with our Natural resources for Anne Arundel County and the entire state of Maryland.